Who we are

An IT company that renders professional services in software development, app and web development. we have been in the IT Industry for a while and have under taken several IT related projects, our clients cut across both cooperate and commercial organizations as well as individuals who have consistently depended on our reliable services. BrainSet-Nig is also the organizers of GWD Code Club for schools.

BrainSet-Nig is a great place where children are empowered with the requisite 21st centurt skills that will translate into a career.

Why GWD Code Club

We live in a digital age, therefore the knowledge of some of these basic IT skills such as computer programming (coding), app development, web development and project management makes one a well rounded individual who is ready to stay relevant in the 21st century. The demand for these and other technical skills will only grow bigger in this expandable mobile and technology market. So it becomes imperative to expose pupils and students to basic IT skills early enough to give them an edge in this highly competitive computer age.

The Club

Our goal for this project is to create a compelling program that will continue to promote our children educational development by equipping them with the requisite skills and career preparation. Our project which is 90% practical will promote computational thinking, creativity and thinking fluidity, and it will improve academic performance

The club will run in three categories

  • • Grade 3 - 6 (DayStar Programmers)
  • • JSS 1- 3 (GoldenStar Programmers)
  • • SS 1 – 3 (DiamondStar Programmers)

To run a GWD Code Club in your school, Please contact us for more information